Treating And Getting Rid Of Unwanted Pests In Sacramento

Treating And Getting Rid Of Unwanted Pests In Sacramento

Back several years ago, there was a large rise in unwanted pests, such as termite control sacramento, in the city of Sacramento. The weather contributes to this in a big way. When warmer winters occur and the precipitation is on the rise, the pests tend to stick around. Cold winter weather will kill off unwanted pests with rapid drops in temperatures. What should a person do to treat or eliminate these pests if they are to stick around?

Natural Pest Control Methods

Most pests will only enter a home if they have a reason to. The most effective way to keep them away is by keeping the home clean. This includes sweeping and mopping up crumbs, sealing food in airtight containers, throwing away garbage, and wiping up spills. There are other natural methods that can be used if they have already entered the home. Some of these ways are very unique. An example of this would be setting cucumber out where ants are entering the home. Ants have an aversion to cucumber and will not go near it. They also will not go around coffee grounds, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. Other pests, such as mosquitos, can be controlled by removing any standing water. Pet water bowls and birdbaths should be changed regularly to prevent mosquitos from being attracted to that area. Natural pest control methods are effective but may only work for so long.

Seek Professional Help

The chemicals professional pest control experts use are much more potent than any home pest control method. These tend to work better in regards to keeping pests away for longer and killing them faster. Because of their potency, it is not recommended to breathe in these chemicals too much or it will lead to respiratory problems. The price point on professional pest control is also more than the natural home pest methods but professional pest control is more effective.

Follow Weather Patterns to Prepare

Out of the ordinary weather patterns also bring in unwanted pests. This can be the case if the winter cold weather does not come as it should. Cold weather often kills off bugs and their eggs. Bed Bugs in Sacramento are not as affected by cold as other pests. They like temperatures between 70-80 degrees but can survive in the cold.

Companies that offer Sacramento termite inspection and control with pests tend to stay busy year round. It is best for homeowners to schedule routine pest control with a local company to avoid them not being available when needed the post. This also allows homeowners to keep the pest situation under control. For more information regarding local pest control and maintenance, search online for a local pest company to find out how they can help.

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